Village Bloggurls Zine Volume 4: Girlhood: Do We Have To Be Perfect? May 2017

This year, the CH Best Bloggurls and The Village Bloggurls worked together on the 4th zine entitled, “Girlhood: Do We Have To Be Perfect?”. As the name suggests, this zine is all about what it means to be a girl in the 21st century – the challenges, the surprises, the fun, the boring and everything in between. We used magazine pictures, drawings and text to remix the ideas about the complexity of girlhood. Please share and enjoy!


Village Bloggurls Zine Volume 3: Re-Imagining: The Future, June 2016

From the zine:

“…What does a world without street harassment look like? How can we address mental health in schools? What does a future look like with appropriate public transit? These are some of the question that the Village Bloggurls tackles through illustrations and essays. They aren’t single solution answers, but they are important contributions to discussions that young girls across Canada are starting to have or continue to have. We hope that this zine inspires people to start re-imagining the future.”


Village Bloggurls Zine Volume 2: Reality Check, September 2015

Inside you will see encouraging messages, challenges to stereotypes and controlling images about girls, and advice from us because we (and you) are experts of our experiences. We made this zine because we wanted to make our own media that represented us well. I hope you like it!


Village Bloggurls Zine Volume 1: My Food, My Story, October 2014

The zine is full of pictures, drawings, and memories, and we hope you enjoy it! Click the picture to read it and download.

NOTE: We made hard copies of the zine using Blurb, an online software that helps you create your own books!

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