Movie Review: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

By: Imani Duggan

Edited by: Jiale Deng and Vivian Le

I really liked the movie, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, because it was very interesting. I found Kitty to be my favourite character because she reminded me a lot of myself. She was very funny and she made me laugh when she got very excited about Lara Jean getting a boyfriend. My favourite part of the movie was when Lara Jean and Peter got together into a fake relationship. This was my favourite part because it was very exciting. It was the highlight of the movie. I don’t think this movie passed the Bechdel test because even thought there was more than 1 female character, these characters mostly talked about boys (the movie title even has the word boys in it!). For example, Lara Jean and her best girlfriend, Chris was mostly talking about Laura Jean’s fake relationship with Peter.  Something I would change about the movie is taking out the character, Josh. This is because he was very annoying as he trying to ruin Lara Jean and Peter’s fake relationship, which I thought wasn’t nice. I would also add more women representation because women representation is very important as it is rare in most movies. Overall, I would recommended this movie to other girls because Lara Jean was a very admirable character. She was very ambitious and strong as she wouldn’t let situations get in her way. To All the Boy I’ve Loved Before was a good movie.

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