New Zines Alert!

Zine 1:

Last year, the Village Bloggurls decided to take a different approach to their annual zine. Instead of picking a topic, they decided to contextualize all of the topics we touch on in program, and they came to their idea: Lotherton. The zine would be about their own community.

In this zine, you will see the finished product of several interviews, a trip to the Library, extensive online research and reflection pieces alongside images old and new of Lotherton. We hope that you enjoy this zine and learn something new about Lotherton.

Zine 2:

Last year, the CH Best Bloggurls decided to address a specific group of people who have power over their everyday lives: adults. In this zine, you will find stories, photos and instructions on how to best support young people who are experiencing difficulties or have questions. We hope you enjoy the zine and spark a conversation with your friends and family about the best ways to support each other.