Lotherton Youth Council: Winners of the Laidlaw Youth Direct Action Grant

IMG_4424[1]Last year November, the Lotherton Youth Council was born.

It was born out of the Village Bloggurls program, specifically at the end of the first funding cycle. There was a possibility that the program would not continue, so we needed to think and act fast about how to continue doing community development and engagement work.  That possibility sparked several brainstorming sessions and conversations over the next couple of years to figure out the legacy project we wanted to embed into our community. Libraries, reading and studying spaces were common themes for our workshops because we identified the isolation we feel existing on two levels – within the community as a whole and within our own homes since we don’t have anywhere to convene.

We spent a lot of time reimagining what our community could look like, and tested some things out. For example, we made made sidewalk chalk games for young people coming from school to play on. We also planned a games night for youth in our community, and they asked for another one which we’re planning to do this year. While the program was renewed for another cycle, it meant that we needed to spend more time doing community work that would have a lasting impact. We created jumbo games – jumbo checkers and jumbo checkers as a start. At our recent Youth Council meeting, we realized just how much potential there is to address the isolation and access issues that we’ve been facing for such a long time through this kind of engagement.

Enter the idea for tiny libraries. We applied to the Laidlaw Youth Direct Action Grant  with addressing and solving issues of isolation and access in mind. That was in April. After a long two months of waiting, we received news that we won the grant!

Stay tuned for the tiny library movement to touch down in Lotherton this summer!


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