The Girl Who Stayed The Same (iMovie Trailer)

14976707_1833943220183951_7737385535068279743_oLast week, we talked about stereotypes and movie tropes that are often pinned to female characters. There’s the damsel in distress, the girl who gets a makeover, the funny fat friend, the dumb blonde, the best Black friend, women of colour who are merely plot devices and many more things we noticed in movie trailers. Not only are many female characters sexualized, but they are also narrowly defined by capital standards that women don’t often control. In other words, big media corporations are creating images/characters of women and girls that don’t reflect who we actually are.

When a girl says “I’m not like other girls”, we should be saying “neither are we!”

“Other girls” don’t exist!

To challenge these film tropes, we created a film trailer in hopes that other girls can start to question why we are seeing the same tropes over and over again and ask what the impact is on our confidence, sense of self and how we see other girls.

Shot & Edited by: Vanessa Tang
Starring: Jiale & Diana’s hand

Top 10 Good Things (not in any specific order) about another 4 Years of Funding for VBG



By: Diana and Jiale

  1. Making new friends – every year in VBG, new members join the program. This means that we get to become friends with them and they get to meet new people
  2. Food- we get to try new foods when they are served for snack and it’s free! (which is awesome because we get free food)
  3. Learning about the world of Media – VBG teaches us a lot about media and how different groups of people are represented through it and so much more (it’s also good for helping us navigate the online world)
  4. Making Zines – every year we get to make a new zine which is a difficult but fun process
  5. Having somewhere to go on Fridays – motivates us to get out of our houses and makes us socialized
  6. Fun activities – these activities help us relieve stress and helps us decompress and enjoy our lives
  7. Safe Space For Girls – as girls, we face many barriers every day. Having a safe space to talk about matters that are very important to us is a necessity
  8. Art Pieces – time to get creative! Art lets us express our feelings and exercises our creativity
  9. Cooking and Baking – this lets us experience what it’s like to make food in the kitchen. In the end, we get try new foods, usually delicious *cough* new foods
  10. TRIPS – TRIPSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Trips are very awesome, especially when they’re overnight. Overnight trips bring us together so that we can bond and have a wonderful experience together. Trips in general are a great way to experience a whole day of fun!

Thank you to the Canadian Women’s Foundation for making this program possible!!!