Re-Imagining: The Future – VBG’s 3rd Zine

Since October of 2015, the Village Bloggurls have been working on a zine to re-imagine what the world could be like. To prepare, we talked about everything from anti-oppression to residential schools to Black Lives Matter to gender identity to advertising and corporations. We had guest speakers come in to help us with the direction of the zine and gives us ideas about what kind of content would be going in it. And last week, we were able to hold the zine in our hands.

It was an amazing accomplishment as this zine was the hardest zine to make. It took a lot of research, going over to each other’s houses to write and brainstorm, sessions of writing and re-writing, a ton of snacks and a lot of support for each other. It is our 4th year of programming (!) and we really wanted to end this year with a full representation of how we’ve grown over the past 4 years.

I present to you our zine, Re-Imagining: The Future.

From the zine:

“…What does a world without street harassment look like? How can we address mental health in schools? What does a future look like with appropriate public transit? These are some of the question that the Village Bloggurls tackles through illustrations and essays. They aren’t single solution answers, but they are important contributions to discussions that young girls across Canada are starting to have or continue to have. We hope that this zine inspires people to start re-imagining the future.”


The Village Bloggurls and YWCA Muskoka Visit Camp Pinecrest!

This was a super special and amazing experience for@villagebloggurls because for some of us, it was our first time camping in the Winter, but for all of us it was our first time camping with another group and a fellow @cdnwomenfdn grantee@ywcamuskoka. We shared so many moments and learned about each other’s respective homes. I had no idea bears could open doors or that the average snowfall in Muskoka is something like 12ft! The thing that makes this exchange so special is that to started with a video of us asking questions about mentorship. And here we are a year and a bit later, camping together. Thank you so much to YMCA Pine Crest, YWCA Muskoka, and to CWF for bringing us together. #vbg#ywcamuskoka #challengeandchange#mentorship #girls #bonding