Our Newest Digital Stories!

The mentors and girls worked on these stories in the Winter and Summer of last year. It was a lot of hard work, but they got it done and we are all so proud of them sharing! Digital storytelling allows you to get something off your chest and share your story in your own words and visuals. It allows you to control the narrative in ways that are meaningful and important to you. Check out all of the stories and please share them with your friends and family.

We Present to You: Our Second Zine!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Village Bloggurls worked very hard over the past year to create this zine. There were a lot of drafts, a lot of do-overs, a lot of asking questions, and a lot of colouring/drawing/cutting and pasting. But it all paid off as our zine is completed and finished !nside you will see encouraging messages, challenges to stereotypes and controlling images about girls, and advice from us because we (and you) are experts of our experiences. We made this zine because we wanted to make our own media that represented us well. I hope you like it! And check out our first zine if you missed it!

VBG IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

We’re back for another year full of creative energy, digital stories, zines, collaborations, and more.

Our hope is that this year we do bigger and better things! We’ve got a lot planned, so you’ve got to check this blog for updates AND our social media sites:

Instagram: @villagebloggurls

Twitter: @villgbloggurls

Facebook: Village Bloggurls

Email: villagebloggurls@gmail.com