Skating at Dufferin Grove Park

By: Jessica & Seghen

On an extremely cold day, we went skating at Dufferin Grove Park across from Dufferin Mall! First, we met at the camp fire and we started roasting our marshmallows to make Smores and hot dogs. We felt warm but also kind of annoyed because the smoke fumes from the fire were burning our eyes. Making Smores on a camp fire was really difficult because the chocolate wouldn’t melt. Making Hot dogs was quite easy because all you had to do was put it on the stick and roast them. Both foods got burnt easily but we ate them anyway and it tasted delightful. After eating we went into the change room to get the skating equipment. It was actually challenging to find the perfect size skates, but eventually we did! Some of the girls knew how to skate but we didn’t. We had to use those grannie walkers. Using the walkers felt awkward but it allowed us to skate without falling! I recommend to other girls who are skating for the first time, to use he grannie walkers and hold hands! The experience of skating was extremely fun because we got to skate for the first time.

Our favourite moments were sitting around the camp fire and listening to that secrete story about a special monkey. Also we enjoyed learning the history of making camp fires in local parks and it was interesting because not all communities are allowed to do that, which makes Dufferin Grove Park so unique.

Dufferin Grove Park was a long way from home and it was very hard to find, but it was worth it. The staff were very friendly and nice. They helped us put on our skates, if we had questions they would answer. The staff made us feel welcome, safe, and comfortable. Overall, this was the best field trip EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I learned how to “skate” which was very very very very difficult but I learned!

We would recommend Dufferin Grove Park to everyone, especially girls because it was very enjoyable and we learned a lot from this field trip. Also because you never know what can happen, you could learn more techniques that could benefit you in the future! Skating takes a lot of practice but if you work hard you will achieve it. Never give up and have fun!


Mentoring Reflection


Mentoring. What a word. I never thought that I would develop such skills over time, and feel so proud of myself for setting examples for younger girls. After all of these months, I learned that the main purpose of being a mentor is to set an example for others girls. Not to follow and copy what I do, but to be inspired by the things I do. Understanding and connecting with one another is a factor that I learned that will benefit the mentor, mentee relationship the most. For example, understanding why they are sad because their friends and themselves got into an argument over who has better hair. I learned to put myself into my mentee’s shoes. Say if I was her age and someone said they had better hair than me. I would be pretty sad. With this being said, it will help me know how to comfort them, and help them feel better. Over these months, I have realized that mentoring is not only important both to myself and my mentee but, Lotherton! I believe that we help build the community from inspiring one another to do changing things to both the community and ourselves. We take up space to make it a beautiful, safe, positive environment. As a mentor, I feel like an inspiration for younger girls. It’s a nice feeling to wake up in the morning knowing that there are girls out there that looks up to me as their role model. This thought drives me to watch my actions. For example, getting into a physical fight because someone called me ugly. Being a mentor prevents me from doing that, and to think of other ways on how to solve a situation. Being a mentor helps myself, and others. It helps makes a positive space to be in. Everyone accepts one another, and we know we always have ourselves to help ourselves. I do not look at a mentee and think that they are any lower than me. We are both learning from each other. To help build each other and ourselves. We learn little things to big things from each other. From learning how to skate to how to manage stress. Mentoring is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.


WE ARE EXPERTS!! by Maria, Jessica, Winnie, and Emily


On February 20th, we held mentor and mentee panel. We wrote questions to ask the mentors and mentees, we went up to the panels in groups and were asked questions like what is it like to be in high school and questions about our family. At first it felt weird for some of us because everyone was starring at us and mentees are usually not the ones who answer questions. We got to share and that made us feel happy and powerful.


I think it was funner asking questions than answering questions because we got to learn a lot more about mentors and their different perspectives. Also, we get to learn about the mentors’ own voices and opinions about school and advice. When I was asking the questions, I felt like a reporter and that’s cool!



For the mentors, I thought it was really cool hearing stuff from the mentees because it’s usually us taking charge so it was FANTASTICO hearing their voices and theirs opinions on things. It was also nice sharing our expertise about transitioning from middle school to high school. It felt very empowering to be in front of all of these curious young people and sharing my wisdom of 17 years of life with them.

Emily – one question that stood out to me was when somebody asked the mentees “if you could cheat on a test without getting caught, would you do it?” It was a fun question and I was surprised by some of the answers . Haha .

Winnie – I liked the one where they were asked about the sibling dynamics and how they’re like. Not only did it make me feel good as an older sibling, their answers kinda made me realize how helpful it is to have an older sibling/mentor in their life to help guide them through things :^)


Overall, it was very cool hearing our owns voices being heard and hearing the voices, opinions, and perspectives of our own group. We are not often seen as experts because of our age and gender, this panel allowed us to share our ideas freely and step out of our comfort zones.   Young people often feel that they must listen to the advice and instructions of those older than them, this panel showed us otherwise. LET’S DO ANOTHER ONE SOON!!!


During a mentee only session, I made a body scrub for my mentor Vanessa . When making the body scrubs I was excited because I got to play with sugar and the coconut oil (it smelled very nice). So when I got the lotion bar from my mentor I was happy because it was a nice gift from my mentor Vanessa. I also felt important because she wrote a letter and said nice things about me. It showed our friendship and support from my mentor. Even though I didn’t really like the smell of the lotion bars because when I first sniffed the bar it smelt REALLY BAD like it reminded me of the smell of taxi cars(which I hate). It turns out the bad smell came from the beeswax. The lotion was made from melted beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, and love! However, it made my skin smooth and now when I see the lotion bar it brings memories of my bond with my mentor Vanessa.

When I was making the lotion bar she also felt that it was really fun due to the fact that I went super saiyan when making the lotion bars. They got stuck in the molds so I had to smack and hit the metal molds on hard objects just so one or two bars could be free. The feeling I got when I knew my mentee Affernia was going to get a great surprise when she sees the lotion bar that I worked so hard on(even though she didn’t really liked it..hahaha). In addition we wrote letters to each other after making the scrubs and lotion bars. The letters were filled with our appreciation for each other and the strong friendship we built over time thanks to the girls group.

Also Jean made some super AWESOME brownies that had pretzels as the bottom layer. IT’S WAZZZZ SO GOOOOOOOOD IN THE TUMMY! The feeling I got when I knew my mentee Affernia was going to get a great surprise when she sees the lotion bar that I worked so hard on(even though she didn’t really liked it..hahaha). In addition we wrote letters to each other after making the scrubs and lotion bars. The letters were filled with our appreciation for each other and the strong friendship we built over time thanks to the girls group.

Here’s a picture of the brownies.
IMG_3333 (1)

And here’s what the lotion bars looked like.

Screenshot 2015-03-17 at 09.44.56

Seghen’s Lime Scrubs!!

The villagebloggurls made these lime scrubs to give to the mentors, and I felt good making the lime scrubs because I was making things for other people and it also felt good because I appreciated them and because they deserved it.

I had 2 mentors, so I made 2 scrubs and 2 cards for them. I made two cards and one of them was about how I wanted to know more about my mentor.It made me feel good knowing I was going to start a new relationship. The other was kind of a closure and our best moments to end off on a good note.

I felt more personal with my mentor because I made a  home made gift for her. I felt excited receiving the lotion bar from my new mentor because I felt closer with my mentor because we were sharing and creating moments. I also felt happy when I received a lotion bar from my previous mentor because it was a good closing point for our relationship.

How we made the lime scrub:

1.First we put sugar  then we added coconut oil. 2. Then we mixed it. 3. We grated lime and we added the lime zest.

4.Then we put in the scrub into mini jars. 5. Put labels and ribbons, attached cards. 6.And we gave the scrub to our mentors.