Carefree Cedarglen Camp


At summer camp we learned how to do archery and I got a bull’s eye and I lost 5 arrows. I had so much fun learning to do that that I didn’t want to leave. It was so cool! The pool was fun too. At the first pool we went to I could actually walk into the deep end and run I didn’t want to follow them, I just wanted to keep playing. I want girls group to go back to Cedar Glen. I was having fun at the second pool too. I enjoyed getting to see nature too.

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After lunch, we went swimming in the new pool. First off, we entered the pool while Kayla was telling a creepy story about getting chlorine in your hair. We then did a deep end test to determine if we could swim in the deep end. After everyone passed, we started to play with the pool noodles, buckets, etc. We were fighting over a ball that looked like the earth… it was World War III. Rosa and I won (Kayla claims she and Nena won. Totally untrue). In the end, Kayla almost drowned, scraped her knee, and Sophia had minor injuries, but we had so much fun!

During summer camp, my favourite part was archery. I’ve never done archery before, and at first I thought it was going to be boring. But guess what? I was completely wrong, it was totally fun I almost got it right on the dot. Vanessa was lucky; she actually got it straight on the dot!

By Allison

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Summer camps experience is a great opportunity for all girls. First it brings girls together, build lasting friendship while having a lot of fun outdoors. The Village Bloggurls would recommend that girls groups like them would enjoy summer camp, especially an overnight one.

By Rickysha

Game Room

After the first day was over, we all took a shower and hung out at the game room in the cabin. There was air hockey, a piano, pool table, ping pong and foos ball. We each took turns and played at each station. Vanessa, Holly and I pretended that we knew how to play pool and started fooling around. We played ping pong, and we kind of failed (miserably). The air-hockey table was intense, even though it was kind of broken. It was a great way to release our energy and to end the day off. Then we all went to sleep.

  1. We versed the mentees and I think we won. I forget.

By Vicki

What girls deserve!

For the past weeks, Village Bloggurls have been discussing what girls deserve! We discussed that girls deserve respect. For example, not to be labeled and not receive cat calls. Secondly, we deserve equality. Girls should be able to do what we want to do without being judged. Lastly, we deserve freedom. We have rights and we shouldn’t be bothered.IMG_1680IMG_1678  IMG_1682IMG_1683IMG_1681

By Han, Rachel, Aaliyah  and Eva

The Bechdel Test

Recently, we’ve come across a test called the Bechdel Test. This test is a way to test the representation of women and girls in media (i.e. movies). The criteria are

  • There are more than 2 girls
  • The girls are interacting with each other
  • Their conversation does not involve boys

Through this test we posed some questions,

  • What did we want to see in the media?
  • What messages are being portrayed?
  • Who holds power?
  • Whose story is being told?
  • What relationships exist?
  • What roles do people play? (Hero vs. Villain)

Some responses we came up with were

  • No stereotypes
  • Men and women should be treated equally
  • Women have a bigger role (instead of just having one line)
  • Racial diversity
  • No gossiping or bullying, they should show kindness and be trustworthy (since they are always portrayed as manipulative)
  • Develop relationships
  • Encounter everyday challenges
  • Be allowed to be who they are through appearance and their personality

But now…introducing the new test…


This is a test that we came up with as a group. It adds on to the Bechdel Test in which we put our own opinions and ideas into it. The criteria are

  • Different points of view (meaning for both men and women instead of only from a man’s point of view)
  • Women can be the heroes
  • Women as MAIN characters
  • Women can wear whatever they please as long as they are comfortable and is realistic/related to the role they play in the media
  • Women are allowed to be independent and not be manipulative and under the stereotypical standards of a woman

By Jiale and Wendy

Jane’s Walk extravaganza

IMG_2251We went on a Jane’s walk downtown with Women in Toronto Politics. We went to City Hall and learned about the past mayors. There have only been two women mayors in Toronto history. We think this is a bad thing because women might have a different perspective than men. Women can be mayor just as well as men but right now men have more power.

We went to Osgoode Hall law school and learned about Trinity law school. We also learned about Jane Doe, who was raped and the police didn’t care. She sued the police and didn’t get a lot of money but she got an apology. We learned that this case is now being used internationally to defend women. We think this case is a big deal because everyone deserves safety.

At the police station we talked about the slut walk, which is about women wearing what they want to wear without men thinking that they can rape them. We learned that people who are wearing MORE clothes are actually more likely to be assaulted.

At the Art Gallery of Ontario we talked about Emily Carr. We also talked about Mary Ann Shad who was the first female owner of a newspaper and she was black. This was really amazing for the time.

As we walked through Chinatown we learned about gender based pricing. That’s when men are charged less than women for haircuts, shampoo, and other things. On top of this, men are paid more. We don’t think it’s fair that men should pay less for a haircut, and men can have long hair too.

We ended the walk at Olivia Chow’s office. She was running for mayor at the time. We also learned about Morgan Baskin who was a young woman also running for mayor who was underestimated.

Our take away is that women are underestimated in society but we are happy that there are women who fight for their rights.IMG_2273

By Artiana, Michelle, Maria and MadisonIMG_2267


One Saturday Morning, we were peeling crayons and there it happened. We melted crayons and transformed them into gorgeous creations. BOOM! R.I.P to the crayons that burned.  Some of us used our crayons to create sine artwork to portray what girls deserved. It was fun that we could do anything with our Zine. Some of us spilled the glitter *cough cough* WAGGA-BAGGA Off we went to the journey to kickboxing dojo. While we were waiting for the bus, a Biggabu decided to take an embarrassing photo of me. We came to the dojo early, so we decided to stop by “Second Cup” to drink some delicious hot chocolate. We had 2 choices. Candy cane and regular. It was fabulous. It was finally time to go back to the dojo. We learned a few self-defence moves and some fun games. We also learned that we are allowed to defend ourselves no matter what.


The most favourite moment/most memorable was when he explained what’s scary and what’s very scary because he is saying it’s okay to be scared. When I volunteered Biggabu to go up. Her facial expressions was hilarious. When I accidentally kicked my partner’s knee when I was suppose to kick the mat, she fell down. My least favourite part was when my partner put her arms around my neck. It made me feel uncomfortable. All these things can happen and experiencing it is scary. –Vivian


My favourite moment was learning the “Pelvis Bump” because it was like playing vb. My least favourite moment was when a girl volunteered me when I didn’t want to do it. The most weird moment was when they were saying scary scenarios I got kind of uncomfortable because it’s scary knowing there are wakka bloddles in the world. –Seghen


My favourite moment/interesting to me was that I could actually find senarios to fit each more so that if it ever happened then I’d be prepared. My least favourite moment was when *cough cough* VIVIAN kicked my knee when she was supposed to kick the mat I was holding. I NEARLY FELL OVER! Luckily I had good balance or else I would’ve fallen over. –Rachel