Village Bloggurls Get Out The Vote!

On October 24 and 25th, the Village Bloggurls spread the word about the importance of voting in the municipal election on October 27. Lots of community members stopped to ask questions, and they also expressed their support for the ongoing work of the Village Bloggurls in the community. This is just a snippet of their work around political, civic, and community engagement. They may be too young to vote, but they can encourage others to! Stay tuned for more on this important topic! #ward15 #lothertonvotes #vbg #nychonline

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A Year In Review 2013-2014

Last year was full of twists, turns, and surprises. We participated in contests, created more media, and we went on to places we have never been before. And here is a small sample of that! – Jean

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The Village Bloggurls on Why Girls’ Voices Matter

This post is a guest blog post on the Canadian Women’s Foundation website and it can be read here

Village Bloggurls, August 2014

Our voices matter and are important because often times our views, opinions, and ideas are brushed off or deemed insignificant just because we are girls, living in this male dominated society. Even though the laws protect women’s rights, it does not mean that people respect our rights.  Girls are treated differently because of their gender and their rights are nullified just for being born a female.  Even today, many girls are judged or looked down upon just because of their gender.

Our voices matter because we SHOULD be able to speak up if we are being treated unfairly, or if we feel something is wrong. We shouldn’t let people disregard what we are saying.  I cannot recall how many times I refused to do something and asked “Why can’t dad do it?” My mom replies “because that’s what girls are supposed to do.”   It goes on and on, and finally she says “that’s just how it is”. But that’s not how it is. Why do girls have to be stuck in this gender role? If girls continue to brush aside actions that go against their rights then the cycle will go on and nothing will change.

At the end of the day, we’re all human. So why differentiate between males and females? If we are able to speak up and not be looked down upon, then maybe things will change. This is the reason why girls need to speak up and let our voices be heard so we can empower other girls around the world to stand up and voice their opinions.  By taking advantage of the resources available to us, we can make and achieve social change. That is why in Village Bloggurls, we communicate our ideas, opinions, and experiences to other girls through media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, tumblr and Instagram. Social media is a great tool to convey our thoughts, opinions, and experiences. It is the best way to reach out to other girls around the world with the hope to influence and inspire them to stand up and speak up for themselves.

We need to make sure our voices are heard or else nothing will ever change. That’s why Girls’ voices, like ours, matter:

  • We use our voices to show a ‪#‎girlseyeview so that no one tries to tell our stories for us – Affernia
  • We use our voices to stand out – Allison
  • We use our voices to express ourselves to others safely – Nena
  • Our voices inform the world that girls can’t be defined by others – Sophia
  • There’s no one right idea [about being a girl]. We’re different people – Vicki
  • Our voices can impact another girl and create a chain reaction [of confidence] – Kayla
  • We’re people. We’re not shadows that follow boys – Peravieena
A selfie from the Michele Landsberg Award Ceremony, Aug 2014

A selfie from the Michele Landsberg Award Ceremony, Aug 2014

The Village Bloggurls Win The Michele Landsberg Award!

Back in July, the Village Bloggurls won the Michele Landsberg Award, which recognizes a group that is doing recognizes an organization that is doing great work to build confidence and self esteem in girls and young women by helping them find their voices and use them to raise awareness about women’s and girls’ issues in Canada through media. It was announced on the Canadian Women’s Foundation (CWF) website, and when I say that the girls were elated…

they really were!

It was and still is such an important accomplishment, especially since this award follows the CWF Contest win that we received a couple of weeks earlier.

In August, we held an Award Ceremony at the local school in the Lotherton Community. Beth Malcolm, the Director of CWF was gracious enough to say very kind words about our group, the Girls Fund, and the importance of this award. And none other than the woman herself came to speak to us about the importance of using our voices: Michele Lansdberg!

A picture with Michele Landsberg herself! And #ward15 Councillor Josh Colle took the photo!

A picture with Michele Landsberg herself! And #ward15 Councillor Josh Colle took the photo!

It was wonderful to speak with her and to hear such encouraging words from someone who has made a grand impact on the lives of many girls and women across Canada by using her voice!

Michele Landsberg wrote a very heartfelt, empowering, and inspiring letter to us and we would like to share just a piece of it:

When the committee read about your plans to learn more about democracy and about women in politics, we were excited, because we know this opens the door for you to see yourselves as future leaders and politicians. Yes, some of you one day will be city councillors or members of the legislature. Or maybe even the mayor of Toronto…why not? And that all started here, where you bloggurls learned the power of using media to express who you are, instead of being defined and oppressed by media made by others.

More can be read here

We would like to thank The Canadian Women’s Foundation and Michele Landsberg for this amazing award. We are so grateful! And a big thank you to Joyce PS for allowing us to use their space with the graduating kindergarten children. Congratulations to you too!

– Jean

Introducing the first issue of the Village Bloggurls ZINE!

My Food, My Story

Over the past year, the Village Bloggurls have made some wonderful memories, and a lot of them revolve around FOOD. We decided to share some of our favourite foods and the stories behind them with you through the first issue of our zine. The zine is full of pictures, drawings, and memories, and we hope you enjoy it! Click the picture to read it and download. Don’t forget to comment below!

We also made hard copies of the zine using Blurb, an online software that helps you create your own books!

my food my story