An Interview About Stress With The Mentorgurls



(Stress Kit Items – photos by Vanessa)

Back in May, the Mentorgurls asked me (Jean) if they could make stress kits because exam time = stressed out time. And I said absolutely. In our stress kits were the following:

1. Bottle of Bubbles
2. Starbursts in Decorated Pillow Boxes
3. “Take what you need” (i.e., happiness, calm, focus, less stress etc.) paper
4. Sharpie mugs
5. Journals
6. Stress Balls (in spirit..I forgot the materials)

Not too long ago I was in the same position where everything made me stressed, including things that don’t usually stress me out. I know I am stressed when I start to feel hot, I start fidgeting, my vision becomes blurry, and planets start to form on my face (acne). And I wanted to know the girls’ experiences with stress during exam time so that they could help each other out as well as other girls.

Below is an interview I did with the girls:

1) How do you know you’re stressed?

Vicki:  I know im stressed when i get even MORE pimples and when i start ranting to people. I get frustrated and start yelling at my family to leave me alone so i can do my work. (yes, im a horrible child T_T). I occasionally get white hair but that might be a gene thing. Overall, im either angry, or i get depressed and dead and hopeless.

2) What would you tell young girls about going into tests and exams that will encourage them to not be super afraid or nervous?

Winnie: Just make sure you’re prepared and have different people who you can talk to or ask for help. I’d probably just tell them exams and tests are things you have to do in life and that if youre prepared and ready, it wont be as hard. Once they’re done the exam/test, they’ll feel accomplished and happy that it’s over and never have to look at it again!!

Vanessa: DONT STUDY 2 DAYS BEFORE THE TEST OR ASSIGNMENT! For assignments I start as quickly as I can because I know I don’t have that gift to do a great job two days before it’s due. Exams just suck and you just gotta roll with the punches.

3) What do you do to take a break and why’s that important ?

Holly: I usually just talk a walk around the house, maybe grab something to eat or even listen to music.
This youtube channel has some great music for studying.

Wendy: I would tell the girls the same thing that everyone said. But what my math teacher likes to tell me and it usually helps is to breathe and “have fun” which is weird but i find it helpful. It is also important that they also take a break ’cause with so many things running around in your head you can’t take all the information in at once

Winnie: I usually listen to music of watch things I enjoy on youtube. and korean dramas hehhehehhe yeah but it’s important to take breaks because a person can only handle so much. If a person gives there 100% all, all the time without letting off steam, they’re bound to boil over somehow. Your body can only take so much!!

– Jean