Contains “great” words

The human punching bag

My story is about the struggles of a young girl trying to live her life as best as she can but was always being held back with her own anger issues. Her anger soon became so suffocating that she began to take it out, the questions is HOWW and TO WHO??? DUM DUM DUMMMMMM

I want other girls know that being angry is perfectly normal and having thoughts of murdering the kids in your class is AAAAAA OKKKKKKKKK ^^!!!  Don’t worry life isn’t always going to be crappy you just need a support tower and to believe that you can continue on.



My story is about school, there too many groups, some are mean and some are nice. There’s too much to handle and there’s so much drama, but my story will tell you how I survived it.

I want girls to know that gossip is not good and to believe in your true FRIENDS!

We liked when we were recording because it was sooo fun. We joked and laughed a lot. This is when we bonded the most!

It’s important to share our stories so people can learn from it.



The triumph of great Sophia

My digital story is about…
how I achieved the Citizenship Award because I tried.
~ Sophia ❤

What do you hope other girls learn from your story?

I hope other girls learn to always try their best because they can achieve anything. If you don’t try, you can’t succeed!

~ Sophia ❤

What was your favorite moment working with your mentor?

My favorite moment working with my mentor was recording my story because we were fooling around and it was fun (least work done).

~ Sophia ❤


Mentor notes

  • My favorite moment with Sophia was when we were writing her script. Since Sophia is a big girl she had very little problems making her script. So it was easy and fun for me! (^.^)

Standing Up


Standing Up for Yourself

My story is about a girl who bullied me and how a girl who stood up for herself gave me the courage to do the same for someone else.

What I hope other girls will learn from my story is to always stand up for yourself and in the end, you will feel happier because of it. Also, I hope that others who relate to my story will gain the courage to help somebody else.


Dear World, Please Understand

My story is about the problems I was facing as a young girl with my family and their teasing. The story shows how the teasing affected me as I grew up and how I took the first step to begin overcoming the problem.

What I hope other girls will learn from my story is that even though you’re up against people that have far more power than you, it is still possible to approach them and take a stand for yourself to change something.

IMG_1286Q: What you liked best about working together?

A: What we liked best about working together was how we gave each other ideas to build on our stories. We also liked recording our digital stories because of the numerous takes we had to do. The mistakes we made were very funny! 😀

Q: Why is it important to share your story?

A: It is important to share our stories so that others can relate to it and possibly find ideas or advice from how we overcame our problems


Title; Im lost

Do you like fishes? If you do, good for you. If you don’t, good for you. Imagine an aquarium full of fishes. A variety of different species, tons of babies all swimming about. But, imagine all those fishes swimming in your head. Its like trying to sort all those different fishes and babies to keep them from eating each other. You can imagine how stressful that could be right?

I want other girls to know that once in a while, you should just CHILL OUT. Okay, maybe I should take my own advice…But seriously, just drop everything and just do whatever because YOLO. You gotta have some fun in your life. Forget all those worries about school, your social life (I promise you, you have more of a social life than me) and just stop. Stop stop stop. Watch a good movie, go out to eat with your friends, whatever you enjoy doing. If you constantly keep worrying and stressing out, it ain’t healthy.



The title of my story speaks for itself, it’s about how I beat racism. At a young age, I encountered the traumatizing experience of being bullied because of my colour.

From this story, I hope other girls learn to stand up for what they think and know is right.

Expectations vs. Happiness
My story is about how it’s not always about meeting everyone’s expectations but you must always put your happiness in account too. It touches on topics of self-image, self-esteem, friendships and family.

I want another girl to know that they shouldn’t punish themselves because they’re not meeting other people’s expectations.

What we liked best about working with together was the recording process because it was funny to see each other mess up. It is important to share our stories because it touches on important topics that you can still see in society today.

My favourite mentor

Hey, my name is Artiana and I will talk about my digital story. My digital story talks about bullying.  And how Holly (my mentor) helps me to feel better about myself. My story is called Bullying. I want girls to know they can stick with other girls. I want girls to know from my story that girls can stand up for themselves and find a mentor to look up to.

IMG_0998My favourite moment making my story was working with my mentor Holly. We had fun working together, and we were recording each other. I felt nervous when she was recording me, and when I was recording her, I saw she felt kind of nervous too. And then she smiled and we had so much fun.

The Tiny Three!

How I Became an Artist

My story is about how I became an artist! The scary part was recording with Jiale’s mentor. The best part waseva (2) drawing the pictures for the story!

It was a bit tough but I managed just fine with the help of Vivian and a little bit of help from Linda at the end. They taught me how to make the special affects and we did a few mistakes and sometimes Linda helped us. After we finished I felt super proud.

I want them to learn that they should follow their dreams and learn to archive it without backing down.

By: Eva


“Nobody’s Perfect”

My story is about how advice can help someone improve. It can urge someone to try and improve, and work hard.better meIt’s about how I was very mean at first, but as time went, friends that I trusted the most parted. Time can fix mistakes, and friends will come back. There will be a happy ending waiting for you.

I hope people learn that everybody makes mistakes, and it’s okay to make them. Also, that time and advice can help change someone’s bad personality and change it to a good one. But try and earn the person’s trust and give yourself a chance.

By: Peravieena


“Work hard, play hard.”

Ever since I was little, I was praised by teachers and adults for my academics. As I got older, I felt the need to maintain this reputation. However, when I joined the gifted program, this became a challenge. My marks slowly DSC03221decreased, and with that, my self-esteem. One day, I decided to take a break on school and attend a music concert by Marianas Trench, my favourite band. After that, my marks increased, and I realized that it wasn’t necessary to concentrate on school all the time.

Life is about balance. It’s good to concentrate on school, but not so much that it’s taking away from the things that you enjoy in life. Work hard, play hard! 🙂

By: Vivian


What did you like best about working together?

P: I found working with others fun, and gained experience from it.

E: I found it really helpful and nice.

V: I found working with both Eva and Peravieena a fun and enjoyable experience. We all got to know a little bit about each other, and I felt honoured to have helped them portray their troubles into a digital story!

Why is it important to share your stories?

It is important because people can learn from your mistakes. People could connect and relate to your stories. If other girls looked at my story, they might feel empowered and want to share their problems with others, too.

Waggabugga and pampamoose


Expectations by Cindy

Have you ever wanted to impress your friends, parents, or peers so much that you didn’t realize what you were getting into? Did you ever have to sacrifice friendship? Or have you ever tried so hard to impress someone that you ended up hurting that one person? Well that’s what I had to go through. And you know what? That was the worst years of my life.

I want other girls to know that you don’t have to always be the one to help others out or be the one that keeps everyone happiness ahead of theirs. You should always think about the consequences before you decide you decision. But even before you get into the problem, think about what makes you happy.



My story is about how people expect people, to do something or like something just because they’re tall or short, girl or boy and that you don’t have to be who they’re expected to be!

I want other girls to learn from my video that they don’t have to do things that people expect them to like for example (girls like pink and boys like blue) and what’s fun about being the same I’d rather be unique!

What did you like best about working together?

 We liked it when we decided to take and draw some pictures and make the videos/bloopers. Trying to figure out what we were going to do for Seghen digital story even though we were stuck it was fun. Since we bounced ideas off of each other and added onto each idea together.

Why is it important to share your stories?

We think it is important to share our stories because our stories can help others who are in the same situation we were once in. It can also help them think of what to do if they were ever in our situation so they won’t make the same mistake as us. The stories can also get out messages that are helpful to others.

Me. For now.

Name of story: My Hair

Description: It`s your choice. You get to choose whatever you want. Ponytail,  straight hair, long hair, weird hair.  Stand up for yourself.  And your hair.

What do you want another girl to learn?

I hope other girls learn that do not be a bully, be a friend. It’s your choice to do anything! Fun, fun, fun! Stand up for yourself and be yourself.

Favourite moment:

My favourite moment is when I drew the pictures because I love drawing and now I know that making something wrong is okay because you learn new things and the right things to do. And drawing is always fun!