We be Shorties

L’histoire de Sophia

I met this 11 year old girl. She looks innocent (even though she really isn’t). Damn these people with innocent faces. They can fool anyone. *cough* *Cindy* *cough* *Sophia* Anywayyyyyyy… she cool. Yeah, she cool. And she is weird, even though she denies it. Tsk. Kids… Like most tweens her age, she loves one direction. Hahaha. :’D She also likes mcdonalds..who doesn’t? FOOOOOOOD. We all like food. But still, she is so active. It hurts. I really does. ;n; Sadlife guys. You know what? Im out.

Biography of Vicki

I met a girl named Vicki. She is 14 years old and would call herself a computer freak without a life. Vicki loves food, especially pho and other asian food. Like any other reasonable teens, she likes ice cream more than school. I remember when she told me a sad story about her many dead fish. Even though Vicki is, very normally, addicted to the internet, she’s really funny and maybe too honest.


Vivians coolio life

Vivian is so weird. She likes math and geography. Who likes school?! Not me. Hehe. Even though she likes biking, and zip lining, she’s scared of balls. Hahaha 😀 I guess gym isn’t her thang. Btw, she fangirls too much. Shes like so in love with Marianas Trench. You should see her Facebook statuses. LOL Anyway, she also likes food. YEYYYYYY FOOOOOOD, :’)

Our Favourite Moments

Sophia: My favorite moment in girls club was when we were preparing for the International Woman’s Day Party and we made the batter for the cookies and also got to shape the cookies. I remember when we were trying to use a mixer in the flat pan and the batter ALMOST went everywhere.

Vicki:  Now that I actually remember what we did (Sad life), I had quite a lot of favourite moments. Firstly my favourite moment with the girls is the skating trip. Even though I can’t skate, it was fun being a grandma.  The food was good too. I had fun trying to follow my friends. But it was kind of sad that the girls can skate and I’m just there like “O_O”.

Another moment I liked was when we had the international women’s day party. Omgerd. The cooooookiessssss. I liked watching everyone decorate their cookie. I tried decorating one too. It didn’t do so well. Hahaha. I also made a cute little feather 😀 I watched when the little girls made their feathers. They were so cute.

Lastly, this isn’t a moment with the younger girls. This is another occasion with the mentors. It was nice not having to limit our speech and what we talk about. The meetings are geared towards teenagers, so we get to learn something. E.g. Media.


Vivian: My favourite moment in the girls group is when we made poems out of a compilation of words. I enjoyed how the activity involved the ideas of both the mentors and the younger girls. It brought out an intellectual and a creative side of us. I thought it was very inspiring to see the young girls know so much about the significance and the contributions of females across the world.

I also like when the mentors speak about teen issues openly. As a result, our group feels very close and comfortable with each other. I think it is also very important how we talk about the influence of media and society on teens and females, and how they can distort and skew our rights. I think that our group allows girls to learn about important issues at a young age in a fun and relaxed manner.

What does girls’ space mean to us?

Girls’ space is a boys-free place that allows us females to talk openly about issues, such as those concerning our gender. Girls’ space addresses issues such as bullying, abuse, body image, and gender stereotypes (men are more powerful than women). We are free to openly communicate with each other and discuss these issues (sometimes our personal issues) with each other to help us alleviate the pain. In addition to bringing awareness to these issues, girls’ space also allows us to have fun and be who we are without constantly worrying how we appear to males, and their opinions of us.







Hi! I’m Nena, and I’m going to tell you about Cindy. She is 14 years old. Her favorite hobbies is writing and dancing! Her favorite food is lasagna and her favorite subject is art! She went to ROM which is in Toronto. She went to Niagara Falls and her favorite sport is volleyball. Her favorite movie is Mulan and she loves the song heart attack by Demi Lovato. She has four sisters and a mom and dad. She has no pets. When she grows up she wants to be a teacher. Plus in the summer she likes to hang out with her friends. Her Birthday is on August second 1998 and her favorite color is orange! I met her in girls club!


I’m Seghen and I reported Nena! Nena likes to play with her friends on playgrounds. She LOVESSSSSS pizza! She loves science experiments and chemical reactions. CNE is one of her favorite places as well as Kitchener. I can tell Nena really loves swimming because she answered that twice! Nena thinks coralline is interesting and scary. She listens to Cher Lloyd a lot but her favorite song is oath. She lives with her mom, dad and older sister (Rosa). She is nine years old & she wants to be a doctor. Plus I met her in grade one and her favorite color is green!


Hello my name is Cindy and I will tell you about Seghen. She is 10 years old and she wants to be an artist when she grows up. She was born on February 19 2003. Her family consists of, her mom, dad, older brother, and older sister. Her favorite hobby is playing sports. She likes to play soccer, basketball and volleyball. When she was young she travelled to Niagara Falls and the CN tower. Her favorite song is trouble maker by Olly Muras. She likes to play with her friends in the summer, and her favorite movie is “home Alone”


Uniqueness and ConnectionIMG_0805

Three things we have in common

  1. We all don’t have pets
  2. We all have siblings
  3. We all went to Niagara falls

2 things that is different from each other

Nena: Unique and creative. Love to make up words, sometimes she can be crazy

Seghen: Very brave. Not scared of anyone. Adventures

Cindy: Love to dance, Fashion sense

What girl space means to us

We think that girl space is about girl’s personal privacy, and we think that girl’s personal privacy is important because now a day’s girls are very insecure about many things like how they look or how they will fit into a certain group like being different from everyone else. Girl space helps us reduce our insecurities because Girls space is a place where they can talk out their problems with many other girls with the same problems.

Favorite moment in the girls group

Seghen: My favorite moment in the girls club is today doing the pictures with Artiana, holly, jean and my best friend Nena, and my favorite picture was the foot/shoe star. I liked it because it was fun and I had a good time

Nena: My favorite moment was the Christmas party because it was fun making the ginger bread house and decorating it and it was fun making the card

Cindy: My favorite moment was when we had to take pictures for the girl group blog, we had fun playing and taking pictures together, my favorite part was when we had to figure out what we wanted to take a picture of. It was fun racing and rolling down the hills.

Inner Ninjas #SWAGGG


IMG_0966Vanessa likes noodles and banana bread. She also likes English. Vanessa has been to China, and the US, and her favourite movie is The Green Hornet and The Avengers. Her favourite sport is softball and volleyball. When she grows up, she wants to do something with English, so, possibly a librarian. She also likes shopping.

Rachel is 11. She lives with her mom, dad, sister and grandma. Rachel likes math and she likes sports, especially soccer. She also likes chicken balls. She has been to Jamaica, Mississauga, and Brampton. Rachel wants to be a paramedic. Rachel likes Wednesdays.


Vanessa and Rachel both like to swim, but cannot swim. We both have a strange obsession with shoes (Nike and stuff, NO heels). We both cannot draw.


Rachel likes Wednesdays, Vanessa likes Fridays. Rachel can dance, while Vanessa flaps around. Rachel likes math, for some reason. That is all.

Girls’ Space means to me:IMG_0963

  • It’s a girls club
  • It’s a safe place
  • You can make many friends
  • You can talk about girl stuff
  • Express yourself
  • You can ask questions without feeling uncomfortable
  • You can have fun!

Favourite moment in girls’ group

Rachel: I admire Christine Sinclair because she’s an awesome soccer player and in grade 4 I saw her play soccer on the internet and I thought she was a good soccer player. Also, she’s the reason why I like to play soccer.

Vanessa: My favourite moment in the girls’ group is when we went skating. The reason why is because I’ve never been skating before and I wanted to get to know the others better. I had lots of fun but I felt really badly so that made me feel really sad. However, I ate a lot of food and I was very happy in the end because I got to sit by the campfire and roast marshmallows.

THE END!!!!!

The Chosen Unicorn Princesses

Hey Look. It’s paragraphs all about us!

Hi. This is Jiale, she is nine years old and loves to draw tulips. Her favorite subject is art, and she wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up! Artsy! She loves eating spring rolls and sushi. She loves to swim and skip rope. She’s sweet up!

My favorite moment in the girl group is when we go out and explore because I get to learn more about my community like places where I never knew that were there. Also I can look and learn about new pretty flowers. Finally, I can learn about many people and meet new friends. All these things show that explore makes me smile a lot.



Hi! I’m interviewing Linda. She is fifteen years old. Her favorite hobbies are drawing and sewing. Her favorite food is noodles. Yummy! One time she went outside of Toronto that she has travelled to was Vietnam. Her favorite song is Teen Top’s “Be ma girl”. Finally in the summertime she likes eating all day!

The neighborhood I live in feels somewhat safe to me. Compared to other neighborhoods I’ve been in, Village is the safest in my opinion. Mostly everyone that lives in Village is friendly. There are cool attractions here. But no neighborhood is perfect, and Village is no exception. I hate it how in the winter it’s like a ghost town here, no one is around and I don’t feel safe walking around. Although Village isn’t perfect I still feel safe here because most of my friends live here.


Eva is ten years old and her hobbies are drawing and reading. She is ten years old and she already plans to be an artist when she grows up! She has a brother named “Victor”. She loves eating pizza and sushi. Her favorite subjects are art, math, and science. Eva has been in Toronto all her life so she hasn’t travelled anywhere outside of Ontario. She has gone to Ontario place and she has gone to a carnival. Her favorite sport is badminton and her favorite things to do in the summertime are swimming and playing in the park.

A girl I admire is Jiale because she is very neat and tidy; she is also very cute and smart for a third grader. She is also nice and helpful to lots of people. A favorite moment I had with Jiale is when our families had a huge picnic together. We had the picnic in the park. The park was really big and our families were having so much fun! At our picnic we had pizza, coke, chocolate, and candies too! Our parents were very good friends to each other. I had so much fun!

eva girl

Things in common

  1. We are artists and we all like drawing.
  2. We all like eating sushi.
  3. We all like swimming and playing badminton.


Eva is unique in the following ways;

  • She’s quiet.
  • She plans to be an artist.

Jiale is unique in the following ways;

  • Ate only one piece of sushi.
  • Plans to be a fashion designer.

Linda is unique in the following ways;

  • Likes art but hates art class.
  • Likes tea. She drinks it like a drug.

the triplets


Recently, I have met a girl by the name of Artiana. She’s quite an interesting girl. She loves to paint which explains her trips to the CN Tower and Scarbourgh. Her favourite sports are soccer and basketball. In the summer, she enjoys going on trips with her mom, dad and two brothers. When she grows up, she would like to be a doctor, helping others.

Artiana also has a cousin name Natalie. She loves to paint and colour; just like her cousin. Her favourite food is chicken curry and she loves travelling to different places such as Scarborough. Growing up, she likes playing tennis and badminton with her family, which consists of a brother and two sisters. She adores the subjects, math and science which is why she wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

They’re both lovely girls and they’re always full of surprises.

There’s a girl named Holly who is 16 years old. She enjoys watching dramas in her free time and her favourite food is sushi. At school, her favourite subject is music. During the summer, she loves travelling and playing sports such as badminton and volley ball with her family. When she grows up she wants to become a doctor. She’s a nice friend.

Uniqueness and Connections

Three things we have in common

  1. We all like to travel.
  2. We want to pursue a career in health care.
  3. We all love to draw.

Two things that are different


Her favourite sport is badminton

I love pho


Her favourite sports are soccer and basketball.

Never ate beef or pork


Her favourite sport is tennis

I love baje

What Girl Space means to us

  • It’s a safe space
  • Don’t have to be worried about being judge
  • Feels like home

Favourite Moments


My favourite moment was when we took funny pictures and jumped on the benches. I liked it. Also, my group included Seghen, Nena, and Holly.



I just recently joined the girls group so I only have a few favourite moments. Nevertheless, I would say my favourite moment is the most recent one, the photo scavenger hunt. I got to meet two new girls named Nena and Seghen who were placed in my group, along with Artiana. They’re all funny and unique in their own way. Besides, during the photo hunt, Artiana found a four leaf clover – I guess our group must be really lucky. I really enjoyed the photo hunt.



Peravieena’s Biography

So I’ve seen this girl a few times before but only today did I fully meet her. She likes to read, nap and hang out with her friends a lot. She loves eating pizza and candy but obviously not black licorice. She’s a girl who has been to the science centre way too many times for her own good. She’s 11 and doesn’t know what to be when she grows up. Who’s this girl? Her name’s Peravieena.

Peravieena Artwork

Rosa’s Biography

Hello! My name is Peravieena. I will be telling you about Rosa. She is 11 years old and her favourite foods are spring rolls, ice cream, cake and sushi.  Her favourite sport is swimming. Her hobbies also include swimming, playing basketball and soccer, sleeping, eating and watching TV. Her favourite subject is art and sometimes even gym.

Rosa Work 2

Winnie’s Biography

Winnie is a 15 year old who loves sleeping, eating and going on the computer. She’s obsessed with all kinds of foods—especially Asian food. She’d like a nice pet cat or dog but her parents hate pets! They don’t even have a pet fish! Winnie loves volleyball but she doesn’t know why. Yeah that’s it.


Connections and Uniqueness

Connections: Likes Asian foods, likes ice cream, cake and watching Disney movies

Uniqueness: Rosa likes swimming, Peravieena likes to dance and Winnie has been pooped on by a bird every year in middle school.

Favourite moment in Mentorgurls/A woman you admire

Winnie: A woman I admire is an actress named Maggie Q (Besides my mom of course. But everybody says their mom so I chose somebody else!) Maggie Q is an actress from the action packed TV show, Nikita. Not only is she a kick-ass heroine in Nikita, she’s also one in real life. Maggie Q is one if not only, lead actress on a TV show that is Asian. Though she can be a powerhouse when it comes to her moves, she is also very humble. On twitter, she posts about animals in need of homes, or other issues in the world. As you can see, she uses her fame to promote good things. This I find is very admirable. Maggie Q is everything!

Peravieena: My favourite moment in the girls group is when we went to the basketball court, and we got to verse in teams. We played a game, and one time, I almost got the ball to go into the net at the first shot! Also basketball is one of my favourite sports because; it’s fun and easy to play. That is my favourite moment in the girls group.


Rosa: My favourite moment in girls club was when we went to the skating rink and I helped Hima skate. At first, Hima didn’t want to use the red thing that helped her skate but then Hima wanted to use it later. After awhile of skating on really, really rough ice, the machine that cleans and smoothes the ice came and we had to get off. When we went to the campfire, we got to roast marshmallows, hotdogs and we ate noodles! Yum!!! The bad part was that the smoke from the fire got into my eyes and it burned! When we finished eating we got back on the ice and it was so much easier to skate. After an hour or so, we had to leave. That’s why my favourite moment in girls club was when we went to go skating!


What Girl Space Means to US

–          Where it’s safe

–          There’s a lot of girls around sharing their stories

–          Empowering

–          A space where people can share their ideas without being judged

–          Where friendships are made

–          Where it’s inviting

–          Supportive

–          Encouraging

–          Express ourselves

The Beginning of EVERYTHING

All About US!

Wendy reporting on….KAYLA
Kayla, an intelligent 11 year old girl with a loving personality. Her hobbies include swimming dancing and writing. With her passion for writing and swimming, it is no surprise when I say that her favourite subject is English and her favourite sport is swimming. So stay tuned for her upcoming posts! Her favourite food is spaghetti and meatballs. Living in Toronto with her mom, Kayla has been to Habourfront, but she has also travelled to New York, Trinidad, Montreal and Edmonton. Her favourite movie is the eye popping film Caroline. Kayla’s favourite singer is Rihanna, and from Rihanna her favourite songs would have to be Diamonds and Stay. When she grows up, she would like to become a crime scene investigator. With summer vacation just around the corner, Kayla is looking forward to biking, hanging out with her friends, and (of course) swimming.

All about Wendy, by Kayla
This just in, there is a great new blog up with an amazing writer! Her name is….Wendy! I know the world cannot miss one bit of information about Wendy. This bio can provide you with all the information you will need to know. Wendy is 16 years old; she has YEARS of experience with writing. She lives in Toronto with her mom, dad and 2 younger sisters. In addition to that, she cares for 4 turtles and 5 fishes, though a caregiver she dreams to become an accountant. Like the normal teen, she likes to hang out with friends, socialize, and devour sushi. Through a romantic comedy movie lover, Wendy’s favourite movie is Monsters Inc. Wendy is a traveler; she has been to Montreal, New York, Vietnam and more. Wendy likes gym and likes to play badminton, and she does it all listening to her favourite song “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars. Don’t worry; you will get to learn lots more about Wendy in the posts to come!

Uniqueness and Connection
Things we have in common are:
– Our love for swimming
– Movies (Despicable Me and Caroline)
– Pizza
– Coolness

Things that make us unique are:
– Way of expression
– Kayla is artistic and creative while Wendy is collected
– Family (sibling wise)
– Kayla is an only child while Wendy has 2 younger sisters
– Types of music we listen to
– Kayla mostly enjoys country music while Wendy listens to R&B music
– Style (fashion wise)

What Girls Space Means to Us
– Spending free time together
– Supportive and open to ideas (includes emotional support)
– A place where girls can be confident (physically and mentally)
– Secretive and closed
– Place of expression

Our Thoughts?
We both chose to write about our favourite moment in the girls group. Although we had the same favourite memory, we had different ways of viewing this experience.

Ice skating is one of my favourite moments in girls club. I love the feeling of freedom on the ice. The glisten of the moon brightened the night, while I taught my friends how to skate. Then finishing the night, we roasted snacks was a blast. The girls group is fun. – Kayla

My favourite moment in the girls group was went we went skating at the Dufferingrove. As a mentor, this was a great experience and an opportunity for the mentors and mentees to bond over common interest. It was a great benefit especially since the group was just starting up. In addition, it was very satisfying to be able to teach the mentees how to skate and watching them skate on their own. I believe that going on trips like this allow mentors and mentees to find common ground and creates a much more comfortable environment for everyone. Therefore, this first trip was my favourite moment at the girls group. – Wendy