Movie Review: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

By: Imani Duggan

Edited by: Jiale Deng and Vivian Le

I really liked the movie, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, because it was very interesting. I found Kitty to be my favourite character because she reminded me a lot of myself. She was very funny and she made me laugh when she got very excited about Lara Jean getting a boyfriend. My favourite part of the movie was when Lara Jean and Peter got together into a fake relationship. This was my favourite part because it was very exciting. It was the highlight of the movie. I don’t think this movie passed the Bechdel test because even thought there was more than 1 female character, these characters mostly talked about boys (the movie title even has the word boys in it!). For example, Lara Jean and her best girlfriend, Chris was mostly talking about Laura Jean’s fake relationship with Peter.  Something I would change about the movie is taking out the character, Josh. This is because he was very annoying as he trying to ruin Lara Jean and Peter’s fake relationship, which I thought wasn’t nice. I would also add more women representation because women representation is very important as it is rare in most movies. Overall, I would recommended this movie to other girls because Lara Jean was a very admirable character. She was very ambitious and strong as she wouldn’t let situations get in her way. To All the Boy I’ve Loved Before was a good movie.

Movie Review: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

By: Amira

Edited by: Michelle Dao and Vivian Le

I liked the movie, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, because in the end, Lara Jean and Peter were walking in the field so it was a really nice, happy ending to the movie. I liked the main character, Lara Jean because she was funny and relatable. My favourite part of the movie was when Lara Jean found out Kitty sent the letters to them and they were about to fight. This was because at first, she was really mad, but then she calmed down thanks to her older sister. I could relate to it because I fight a lot with my siblings, but in the end, we always make up. I realized it didn’t pass the Bechdel test because although there were more than two girls in the movie (Lara Jean, Chris, Kitty and Margot), they talked a lot about boys. For example, when they were under the bleachers, Lara Jean and her friend, Chris, talked about Peter. I would’ve liked a change for the female characters to talk less about boys and more about life. I would also change Josh’s character because he was a snoop and invaded her privacy. Overall, I would recommend the movie for girls because I enjoyed it so; I want other people to also enjoy it. It was cool movie with a strong main character with a funny, interesting and jam-packed storyline.

Movie Review: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Blog Post || April 5th, 2019

Kiara Thomas – edited by Diana Lin and Vivian Le

We watched To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, at Village Bloggurls. The movie took 2 days to complete. This movie follows the main character, Lara Jean Covey, after a series of love letters are mysteriously released.

I rate the movie, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, 5/10 because the male characters were poorly presented, the storyline was confusing, and did not have a clear theme. The poor presentation of males was seen in the character, Josh, who was constantly disrupting Lara Jean and Peter’s relationship, even though it wasn’t his business. I found that he was stepping out of line. My favourite part of the movie was when Lara Jean was upset with her younger sister, Kitty, for giving out the letters without her consent which triggered the plot of the story. Because of this, Lara Jean tried to attack her with a doll horse. I liked this part especially because it is funny and relatable. I don’t think this movie would pass the Bechdel test because the movie is based off of boys and there wasn’t a lot of representation of women. Throughout the movie, female characters were portrayed very stereotypically. I noticed the female characters in this movie continuously talk about boys and their romantic relationships. Very rarely do they converse with each other about something other than boys, which is what the Bechdel test is all about. I would recommend this movie to teenage girls who enjoy romantic comedies. However, I think children should not watch this movie because there are parts that are not appropriate for kids.


New Zines Alert!

Zine 1:

Last year, the Village Bloggurls decided to take a different approach to their annual zine. Instead of picking a topic, they decided to contextualize all of the topics we touch on in program, and they came to their idea: Lotherton. The zine would be about their own community.

In this zine, you will see the finished product of several interviews, a trip to the Library, extensive online research and reflection pieces alongside images old and new of Lotherton. We hope that you enjoy this zine and learn something new about Lotherton.

Zine 2:

Last year, the CH Best Bloggurls decided to address a specific group of people who have power over their everyday lives: adults. In this zine, you will find stories, photos and instructions on how to best support young people who are experiencing difficulties or have questions. We hope you enjoy the zine and spark a conversation with your friends and family about the best ways to support each other.

Lotherton Youth Council: Winners of the Laidlaw Youth Direct Action Grant

IMG_4424[1]Last year November, the Lotherton Youth Council was born.

It was born out of the Village Bloggurls program, specifically at the end of the first funding cycle. There was a possibility that the program would not continue, so we needed to think and act fast about how to continue doing community development and engagement work.  That possibility sparked several brainstorming sessions and conversations over the next couple of years to figure out the legacy project we wanted to embed into our community. Libraries, reading and studying spaces were common themes for our workshops because we identified the isolation we feel existing on two levels – within the community as a whole and within our own homes since we don’t have anywhere to convene.

We spent a lot of time reimagining what our community could look like, and tested some things out. For example, we made made sidewalk chalk games for young people coming from school to play on. We also planned a games night for youth in our community, and they asked for another one which we’re planning to do this year. While the program was renewed for another cycle, it meant that we needed to spend more time doing community work that would have a lasting impact. We created jumbo games – jumbo checkers and jumbo checkers as a start. At our recent Youth Council meeting, we realized just how much potential there is to address the isolation and access issues that we’ve been facing for such a long time through this kind of engagement.

Enter the idea for tiny libraries. We applied to the Laidlaw Youth Direct Action Grant  with addressing and solving issues of isolation and access in mind. That was in April. After a long two months of waiting, we received news that we won the grant!

Stay tuned for the tiny library movement to touch down in Lotherton this summer!


Get Out The Vote 2018

On Friday, June 1, The Village Bloggurls did a #GetOutTheVote event where they sidewalk chalked in their community and created banners and posters to raise awareness about the importance of voting in the upcoming Ontario Elections on June 7. Even though most of them aren’t able to vote, they know that their voice matters and it’s important that their fellow community members realize that too.

Join us for part 2 of our #GetOutTheVote event where we make sense of the elections post-elections!Bloggurls_Elections

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Introducing “Girlhood” | Village Bloggurls Zine Volume 4

This year, the CH Best Bloggurls and The Village Bloggurls worked together on the 4th zine entitled, “Girlhood: Do We Have To Be Perfect?”. As the name suggests, this zine is all about what it means to be a girl in the 21st century – the challenges, the surprises, the fun, the boring and everything in between. We used magazine pictures, drawings and text to remix the ideas about the complexity of girlhood. Please share and enjoy!

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Starting today, you can register for the Girls Media Summer Camp. Active Village Bloggurls get priority, and there are only 15 spots available. All information is on the website for you to download and print. Make sure to register before all the spots are gone!

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